Add extra fire power to your EAP. Pure Insights has access to the dream team of workplace happiness.


They range from nutritionists, personal trainers and vitality coaches – through to the medical professionals including GPs, OTs and physios.


We also take care of the psyche, with bullying, harassment, family, substance abuse, anxiety and depression counsellors available amongst many others.


Then there’s the powerhouse crew; leadership and communication coaches, keynote speakers, mentors and facilitators. We even have the legal eagles and financial advisors waiting in the wings.


Key needs; key issues. We help you address them all.


Vitality Coach


Nikki’s programs are tailored from experience, efficiency and a truly 5 star approach to health and wellbeing. Nikki bridges the gap between her elite clients and creating every day effective approach with her role as Head Trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and founder of Life’s a Gym – for a fresh perspective of food, fitness and mindset.


A combined background in international brand strategy & activation with history in sports and nutrition gives a unique insight and understanding in the challenges we face to achieve work-life balance.


Nikki divides her time between speaking, writing, retreats, coaching & collaborating on brand & lifestyle projects in Australia, NZ and the US. Her retreats have been running for 10 years – celebrating a decade of helping clients create the life they want.


Nikki is an ambassador for Body Science, Tiny Devotions, Mahina Mermaid, CCoconut Water and Tara Wolf Jewellery. She works in collaboration with Ben Wilson on brand and lifestyle projects including co-hosting the Namotu Island Kite Weeks each year and the Jeep Kite School program activation.

Occupational Therapist


Liz has over 10 years experience as an Occupational therapist in various clinical areas such as neurological, amputee & orthopaedic rehabilitation, burns, aged care and palliative care. She has developed her clinical skills through various challenging OT roles within Sydney and London.


Moving into the insurance market, Liz has developed her knowledge and experience of the NSW worker’s compensation and CTP schemes, involved in the severe injuries project in NSW. She enjoys providing internal injury management advice to work cover agents and assisting with learning and development for severe injury case managers.
Liz’s experience in severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal injury has allowed her to encompass her clinical skills to provide occupational therapy and case management service to clients with these injuries. She has built a strong network with community agencies throughout her career and can co-ordinate and monitor services for clients with extremely challenging behaviors and complex clinical needs.


Liz is a highly motivated occupational therapist who is committed to delivering an exceptional quality of service to all stakeholders, through efficient communication and collaboration. Liz is passionate about helping clients to achieve functional independence in activities of daily living, with a strong focus on outcomes, whilst considering all reasonable and necessary guidelines.



Leadership Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur


As a trusted adviser, high-growth entrepreneur, and business leader with over twenty years’ international experience working on some of the world’s best brands, Janine Garner is one of Australia’s most thoughtful experts on leadership, belief and collaboration to gain greater commercial success, productivity and fulfillment.


Janine Garner is a business woman, entrepreneur, and is passionate about commercial collaboration and driving courageous conversations, influential leadership, and above all future proofing business.


She is the Founder and CEO of the LBDGroup, helping women in all walks of business, thought leaders and entrepreneurs connect, contribute and collaborate to build their commercial success. LBDGroup is a community of like-minded women working together to drive their futures, and that of their peers.

Bullying and Harassment Training Specialist


Blythe is widely recognised for her expertise in people, culture and performance as well as her ability to shake things up. Organisations hire her to help recognise and boot the Bullying, Blaming and Bludging behaviours from their business to REV up productivity and performance.


Blythe has over 13 years corporate experience, in global corporations where she held Senior HR & Organisational Development roles (so she gets it from the business perspective). 


She has led her own teams and consulted to large operational teams, senior leaders and 100’s of business owners/franchisee’s about their most important resource – their people. She also partnered with CEO’s to drive diversity strategies in order to achieve some fantastic results for women in business.


In addition, Blythe has also been teaching for TAFE NSW since 2005 in HR, Leadership/Management and Small Business.


She is a highly sought after keynote speaker. Her straight talking approach challenges the status quo and her audiences as to what they need to do to rev up results. She is kinda like a mixture between Red Bull & a Bulldozer!


Red Bull in that you inject her into your organisation to get your team pumped & focussed. And a bulldozer (maybe not in stature) as she helps leaders & employees, identify & remove the roadblocks to their success.


Blythe holds a Masters Degree in Management, a Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Relations), and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. She is a qualified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Leadership/Peak Performance Coach. As well as an accredited consultant and facilitator of Extended Disc Profiling. To add to her zest for life, is also a qualified Zumba Fitness instructor.

Psychologist & Consultant


B Beh Sc; Grad Dip Psych; M Clin Psych (MAPS)
Vice President – Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia (EAPAA)


Kash is a Psychologist with 19 years of diverse experience in the field of psychology, including counselling, training, group therapy, organisational consulting and the management of professional health teams.


Kash has extensive experience in developing and providing training/education sessions across a range of personal and interpersonal effectiveness arenas.   Example programs include: “Managing difficult situations and people; Managing Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviours in the Workplace; Stress and Change Resilience; Helping Managers deal with distressed staff; Self-Care; Communication Skills; Social Anxiety; Work-Life Balance; Managing Trauma & Critical Incidents; Wellbeing and Safety at Work”.


Kash holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and a double major in Change and Social Consultancy (including Facilitation, Consultation and Training). Kash is trained as an internal auditor with compliance to RABQSA-AU.


Kash has expertise in Critical Incident Management, Employee Assistance Programs, manager support services, case management and crisis counselling in mental health services.  Kash also holds specialist consultancy experience in the review of large-scale counselling and Critical Incident Management programs.


Kash has held substantive management and directorship-level roles, leading professional consulting teams Australian wide.

Outplacement Coach


Margot Andersen is a business leader who is passionate about career ownership and seeing individuals own their career path with clarity, purpose and conviction; and businesses harnessing this talent and energy in the individuals who work for them.


Quite simply she is genuinely intrigued by the connection between what people are passionate about and what they invest their time in doing.


Margot’s own career journey combines an Education, HR and Operational Management background  in both large corporates and start up organisations across both Australia and the UK. In successfully navigating several career paths herself which has seen her work in some of the smallest rural communities in Australia to the worlds largest cities, Margot firmly believes that we all have the ability to create success where we are if we have the courage to grab opportunities as they arise and apply our talents and skills to what we love doing.


Margot is a board member of Australia’s first gift giving circle, the First Seeds Fund  which is committed to supporting women and children at the grassroots of Australia with a focus on community support, education and employment.


As the face of the blog The Career Diplomat Margot is also highly regarded as an emerging thought leader in the area of career success, performance and engagement.

Parents at Work Training Specialist


Emma is a leading HR Specialist, Career Coaching Practitioner and Social Entrepreneur who founded Australia’s first online HR consulting network, Changing Places HR Services Pty Ltd in 2004; uniquely providing businesses with free, on demand access to independent practitioners in the areas of HR, Leadership Development, Career Coaching and Training.


In 2007, after the birth of her twin boys, Emma founded her second business, mums@work, to support parents returning to the workforce and subsequently, Parents@Work to help progressive employers implement family friendly practices.


Parents@work was the first business in Australia to offer a dedicated, integrated return to work coaching, training and information service to parents online and it is now considered the leading ‘voice’ for working parents.  Having started her own early career in Superannuation and Sales, Emma is an expert at career reinvention and transition and now, with 3 children and managing two businesses, understands the challenges most parents face when balancing work and family.


Emma’s corporate career specialising in HR, Leadership Development, Career Development and Coaching spans over 15 years.   Emma has supported the career transition and growth of many leaders and returning parents largely in the insurance, financial and professional services sectors including companies such as Westpac, Zurich Financial Services, KPMG and JPMorgan in the UK and Australia.




On Mel’s bedside table you’ll find a pile of vogue magazines & a pile of business books. That’s because she juggles a love of fashion with a love of business and strategy. A strange combination, but she makes it work – particularly when writing as she fuses fashion analogies with business wisdom.


Mel has a particular fascination with business management, strategy and why certain businesses are more successful than others. She is passionate about showing business owners how understanding their numbers will help them become more successful, more profitable and less stressed. Mel is also the Co-Director of Thinkers.inq, a long-day preschool at Terrey Hills, so she understands what it takes to be successful in more than one type of business.


Mel loves talking all things money, business & shoes & is asked to write and speak regularly on these topics. She has authored two books, More Money for Shoes and Fabulous but Broke which are both innovative, illustrated business books which you will actually want to read. She also writes fortnightly for the Money Section in the Sydney Morning Herald, is a monthly contributor to Gloss Magazine and is a regular media commentator on money, business and finance including regular appearances on the Today Show. Mel has also been featured in Latte Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Renegade Collective and in 2013 was featured as one of Australia’s 100 most inspiring women in Madison Magazine.


On a spare weekend you might catch Mel at Rosehill or Randwick Races, grabbing a chocolate strawberry from David Jones or enjoying a glass of rose or bubbles with friends.

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